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The Wobble is everywhere, all the time. It is hidden in plain sight, soaring through the air in split frequency, coming together through the divine subwoofers to be experienced in its purest form. The Wobble flows through us all, if we just allow it.

It is love, it is light, and it is fucking sick.

An Oola Koan for You

One day Oola was walking on a path by a cliff side. Oola watched the sun rise and greeted it with a super sick beat box. The sun looked on in pride. The birds sang and the chipmunks banged.

Suddenly Oola slipped and fell off the cliff! As Oola was falling Oola grabbed onto a root sticking out of the side of the mountain. As Oola held on for dear life two little mice climbed out of a hole and started chewing on the root!

One of the mice was also a sick beat boxer and started laying down a super sick beat. Oola freestyled over the beat and the freestyle was hella dope.


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